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Just DAWGS wants to inspire and motivate individuals to be the best version of themselves. We focus on accountability, discipline, respect, and confidence. Our goal is to get to know a player’s ability and utilize their strengths to help them become the best possible player they can be. When choosing our teams, we are looking for more than just a player with impressive moves. We want athletes who take ownership of their actions, stay focused, have a desire to improve, and possess passion.

Our mission is to help develop positive character traits, qualities, and values to help build a skill set that will facilitate a productive life outside of the game. Moreover, these values will help set direction and secure commitment.


iscipline - Ability to control one's feelings and overcome one's weaknesses

ccountability – Willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions

ill – Strong determination that allows one to do something difficult

rit – Mental toughness and courage; strength of character

ynergy – The increased effectiveness that results when two or more people work together

New Arrivals


Just DAWGS wants to help individuals focus on a positive outlook and be confident to take on any challenge.  Each one of us has a desire for success in some area of our life.  We all have beliefs and values that shape whom we become.  These beliefs affect what we think about ourselves and influence the decisions that we make.  Sometimes these beliefs can be limiting and the only way to change them is to change the mindset.

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