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dawg /dôɡ,dôːɡ,dôɡ/

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: a term used to identify someone with the constant desire to improve oneself


  • : a person in the pursuit of growth (never satisfied)




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: identify (someone or something) from having encountered them before; know again.


  • : recognized acknowledge the existence, validity, or legality of

Just DAWGS is a sports organization dedicated to expanding knowledge and opportunity for student-athletes to excel at every level. At Just DAWGS, we believe talented athletes are overlooked because they aren’t big enough, strong enough, or fast enough to catch a coach’s eye.


Many athletes don’t have the resources or get the exposure that is required to make it to the next level, and some are overlooked because they don’t carry the “look at me” characteristics. Just DAWGS is committed to shining the light on the talented athletes that are overlooked.


Just DAWGS coaches acknowledge and understand the necessity of having a multitude of unique talents that make up a winning team. Many talented players are misread, taught the wrong approach to team strategy, and/or cannot support a viable approach with the right behavior and capability. When a coach leads with the belief that there is only one way to win and tries to enforce “their way” on a team, many times, the team is unsuccessful. Unless a coach can listen and learn from each player’s natural way of working, they will overlook their strengths and not be successful overall.  


At Just DAWGS, we understand each player brings a vital range of skills, ethics, morals, egos, and more. Our mission is not focused on the strengths and weaknesses of a player, but on the outcome we deliver as a team.


At Just DAWGS, we rely on team goals and feedback to determine the success of our organization.

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